Toronto Estates, Real Estate, Landlord and Tenant Lawyer

Overview Socken Law was established to provide unparalleled and timely legal services to our clients in the areas of estate, capacity, and trust litigation, real estate and landlord and tenant law. At Socken Law, we understand that our clients are interested in receiving sound, clear and candid advice in as efficient and cost-effective manner as possible. Through keeping the lines of communication open throughout the entire legal process, we are able to foster an outstanding client service experience.

Our clients tell us that they value our client-centred attention and the dynamic and creative approach employed to solve all of their legal challenges. At Socken Law, we combine cutting edge knowledge of the law with strategic and prudent advice. And the result? Exceptional advice delivered in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Our Approach

At Socken Law, we understand that our clients are not looking to make sense of complicated legal jargon. Rather, they expect that we will provide them with clear and sound advice. To this end, we look to provide our clients with solutions. Quickly. We also recognize the importance of ensuring compatibility between solicitor and client. With this in mind, we provide a free initial one half-hour consultation.