Toronto Estates, Real Estate, Landlord and Tenant Lawyer - Practice Areas

Socken Law can help with your legal requirements in the following areas:

Alternative Dispute Resolution: Mediation is a highly lauded dispute resolution process, wherein the parties attempt to resolve their conflict with the assistance of a neutral third party. With the high costs and uncertainty associated with litigation, mediation is an opportunity for the parties to reach their own solution, as opposed to a judgment being imposed on them by a court of law.

Estate, Trust, and Capacity Litigation: Including Contested Wills and Will interpretation, Estate planning and administration, Trustee disputes, Passing of Accounts, Power of Attorney litigation, Guardianship proceedings, Dependant Support claims and Family Law Act claims.

Real Estate and Property Leasing: Including Purchases, Sales, Mortgages, Commercial, Residential, Refinancing and Landlord/Tenant.

For other areas in which we do not maintain a practice, prospective clients are encouraged to take advantage of our extensive referral base.